Knox Box

Public Information

Knox Box Program

The Shelburne Fire Department encourages all local businesses to participate in our Knox box program. A Knox box is a small armored vault that is securely bolted to the building and contains keys to the premises. In an emergency this system provides access to the building more quickly, helping the Fire Department minimize damage that might occur while waiting for a keyholder to respond. The Fire Department goes to great lengths to keep the master keys secure and the master key for Shelburne is different than the master keys for Knox boxes in other towns or cities in our area.

You may order your Knox Box online here. The box listed here is approved by the department. However, prior to making your purchase, please contact either Deputy Chief John Goodrich ( or Chief Jerry Ouimet ( Since there may be another box that will better suit your needs and unique situation.

Burn Permits

Town forest fire wardens are responsible for the issuance of burning permits in their town.

Burn Permits are issued Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. if weather or other factors are deemed safe to do so. Permits may only be requested on the day that you wish to burn and are good for that day only! You may request a burn permit for the Town of Shelburne by calling 985-8051. A street address of where you will be burning and a telephone contact at the site must be provided.

Permission to burn is granted only if the town fire warden deems it is safe to do so. During periods that local or statewide bans on issuing permits are in effect, no permits may be granted. It is recommended to restrict or prohibit burning during times of higher forest fire danger.

A burning permit from a town forest fire warden is not substitute for an air quality open air burning permit. When any air quality permit is issued, a permit from the town fire warden will be a condition of that permission. Check with the Department of Environmental Conservation to see if an air quality permit is required before requesting permission to burn.

Permission to burn from a town fire warden may be in written or verbal form. Fires kindled for the purpose of burning brush or for other lawful purpose shall be kindled only at such times and under such conditions as will enable the parties starting them to keep them entirely under control and not creating a public nuisance or hazard. Fires must be attended at all times. The fire must be out completely before dark.

Only brush and/or vegetation may be burned. Garbage, demolition debris, pressure treated or painted lumber, waste oil, asphalt, material containing asbestos, plastic, rubber material etc., is not allowed to be burned and must be properly disposed of.

Small piles of untreated, clean wood construction debris may be burned but recycling of this material is encouraged.

You cannot use any flammable liquid such as gas, diesel, or oil to help start the fire. You must have enough resources on hand to help control the fire.

Campfires are allowed only for the purpose of cooking and recreating on one’s own land. Campfires are not allowed on property not belonging to you without permission of the landowner.

Bonfires do require a permit and must be completely out before retiring for the evening. The same conditions as above are required. Only brush and it must be kept small enough to be controlled.

The Fire Warden may require you extinguish the fire in the event of weather changes or if causing a nuisance to neighbors.